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Minty Cool Lip Balm
"I have been in Cheyenne, Wyoming when it is -10F and 80 mph winds, and in Doha, Qatar when it has been 128F, Iraq where it is 110F and the wind feels like a hair dryer. This product has been on my lips through all of it. Natural Ice is the only one for me."
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Dog Trapper Hat
Keep your puppy warm this winter with a super warm Trapper Hat!
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Yoga Mat
Nice and thick but still light, no signs of wear after over a year, no rubbery smell, no more knee pain from thinner mats. Yoga teachers say this is better than $100 mats.
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Handheld Blender
"By far the most solid, smoothest running, and easiest to clean." Blender part pops off and goes in dishwasher. "Works really, really well."
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Electric Wok
"Hottest wok I've ever used." High quality and nonstick. Perfect for stirfry.
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Frisbee Alternative
This disc goes FAR. Takes less effort to throw. "Really hard to describe how amazing and superior this thing over a frisbee."
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Bread Knife
"Deadly sharp" -- slices cleanly without tearing. Slight curve cuts through tough bottom crust better. Also great for cutting tomatos, meats, etc.
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Vanilla Beans
Extremely high quality vanilla beans and terrific value. Much better and cheaper than getting vanilla beans at local store. Fresh, fragrant, and flavorful.
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Grip Strengthener
Very high quality hand grippers, not like the ones in sports shops. Comes in different strengths; don't start too high, as even the "No 1" strength is very tough. Try Guide or Trainer first. Will give you superhuman grip.
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Kids Roller Coaster
Might not look like much to an adult, but kids love it. Kids a couple years old can push the car back to the top and ride down over and over. Car can also be used off the roller coaster. Assemble/disassemble in seconds. "Most thrilling indoor toy ever."
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TV mount
Works great on TVs from 30" to 56", easy instructions. Much cheaper than other wall mounts of this quality.
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Sticky Bookmark/Reminder Thingies
"These flags are PERFECT for the organizing freak in you."
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Foot Hammock
Like to put your feet up under your desk? This is for you !
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Near & Far range Binoculars
Amazing for bird watching or insect watching. Superb image quality. "Like having a long-distance dissecting microscope in your pocket."
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Stain & Odor Remover
Works much better than other stain/odor removers. Used a lot for pets. "The stain I'd been trying to get out for the past month is gone, as is the odor." "Best in its class."
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Knife Sharpener
Faster, better, and cheaper than $300 electric diamond sharpeners. "Sharpening tool of the century."
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Book Light
Light is bright enough to evenly cover both pages (or Kindle), unlike other book lights that you have to constantly move around as you read. Batterly life is excellent due to LED bulbs. Neck is easily adjustable yet sturdy.
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Bookshelf Speakers
Impressive technical Jargon aside, these speakers sound like butter and "Instruments sound like they should, male voices aren't nasal or chesty, and the highs are soothing rather than sibilant and tinny. I have never heard a speaker this nice at a price this low."
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Credit Card and ID holder
Very compact, but pleats allow it to expand to hold more cards. Nice-looking leather; comes in tan or black.
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Chef's Knife
Rated "Best Overall" by Cooks Illustrated. Light weight, razor sharp. Better than knives 4x the price.
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Heated Mattress Pad
No more getting into a freezing bed, much better and cheaper than space/room heaters. "One of my favorite additions to the house ever." Soft and very comforatable, can't feel wires, heats up quickly, low voltage but can be plenty warm. "I'v
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Power Drill / Driver
Powerful, compact, solid, cordless prosumer drill with excellent battery life. If you need a power drill, you can stop looking.
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Table You Hang Upside Down On
"The Ironman is a quality product, well constructed, with easy assembly directions. Ankle pads are durable and comfortable. Absolutely no complaints here."
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Alphabet Blocks
"Great size, good quality, attractive primary colors, smooth edges and stack beautifully." No splinters or chipping.
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Educational Kids Toy
Pieces snap together like legos, making electrical circuits that cause laser sounds, music, fans, blinking lights, and even a little UFO that takes off in the air. Kids love it, and it teaches electronics easily and intuitively. Comes with a bunch of projects.
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Long-Lost Cereal
Tastes just like they remember from childhood. Which is to say, amazing.
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Garmin GPS Mount
Anyone with a Garmin Nuvi, Aera, StreetPilot, or Zumo GPS should have this mount. Friction mount works way better than suction cups. Impressively never slides out of place.
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HD Camcorder
Rich colors and full HD detail, intuitive controls, fantastic low light performance, well-functioning "Intelligent Auto" mode as well as manual controls, great 25x optical zoom, great image stabilization even when zoomed in.
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Home Theater Speakers
Astonishingly crisp sound, super-tight bass. "Movie explosions or thunder shakes the couch" and you can "hear fingers sliding over the guitar strings."
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Wooden Building Blocks
"Every kid should have these!" Very good selection of sizes and shapes. Outstanding quality and workmanship, extremely durable. Edges are slightly rounded for safety. Many reviewers bought a second set when first was such a hit. "The best toy I ever bought."
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Exercise Bike
Exceptionally smooth, gets harder as you pedal faster, perfectly reliable even after 12 years. Comfortable and seat is easily adjustable. Shows miles traveled, time, mph, calories burned, heart rate, etc. Takes some time to assemble but still gets 5 stars.
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Widely agreed as the best frisbee/disc. Flys better, more reliable, doesn't bend as easily, sturdy rim, regulation weight.
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Party Game for Terrible People
"Play it with a group of friends long enough and everyone winds up offended at one point. It is also a great game to help you get to know people you thought you knew."
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Microwave Pasta Maker
Cooks pasta perfectly and easily with no mess. No collander needed, no more water boiling over on stove.
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Wholesome Energy Bar
Packed with flavor, and filling enough to replace a meal. "Best nutrition bar I've ever tasted."
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Rolling Step Stool
Heavy duty, safe, looks excellent. Rubber edges give sturdy grip and keep it from damaging walls.
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Brownie Pan
No more fighting over the edge pieces. Bakes evenly, doesn't stick, great construction.
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Wheeled Furniture Holder-in-Placer
If you've got any furniture with wheels on it, these grippers will keep them from sliding around all willy nilly, without scratching your "If you have all tile floors, get these....they keep the beds in place and any other furniture you need to keep in place...I am buying another set for my kitchen table!" Customers give it an almost perfect rating of 4.9 stars.
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Beats all the other ebook readers. Fast, easy, high contrast, month-long battery charge, works outside. Most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon.
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20 Questions Robot That Reads Your Mind
"My son and I chose 'parachute,' 'fart,' 'Frisbee,' 'telephone pole,' 'chainsaw,' and 'bellybutton,' to name just a few, and it guessed each one." "Great game for parties or car trips."
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Fogless Shower Mirror
High-quality reflection that never fogs -- others do. Best on the market.
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Car Seat That Kids Don't Grow Out Of
The Cadillac of car seats, that adjusts as your kid grows. Reviewers "We were in a freeway rollover accident yesterday that completely totalled the car. My 4 year old daughter was all strapped in tight in this carseat and walked away without even a scratch."
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Cordless Dremel
"Stunned by its power." With so many attachments available, "not much this tool can't do." Cordless is much appreciated; works just as well as corded ones.
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Garlic Press
"Produces beautifully consistent mince of garlic." "I put garlic in twice as much stuff now." Cleans in seconds. Recommended by Cooks Illustrated.
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Fire Starter
Swedish made, creates a 3000 degree spark (Whoa) to set pretty much "This Product is a heavy duty life saver. being a self-reliance type and spending time in the woods, this product makes great sense to carry along."
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Swiss Army Knife
always carry it and comes in handy many, many times.
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Spiky Prickly Mat to Relieve Back Pain
When you lie on this mat, the acupressure points release endorphins, otherwise known as feel-good hormones, to help with stress, insomnia, "Everyone should get one. The hundreds of plastic spikes might look scary but they feel so good on your body, very tingly feeling and relaxing!"
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"Makes quick, easy, and effortless work out of peeling potatoes or even mangos. Much better than the cheapo peelers that everyone has. Particularly great for harder-to-peel sweet potatoes. Cuts at just the right depth without wasting the ac
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Jar Opener
Everyone (including 90-year-old grandparents) can open any jar with one of these with no adjusting or slipping. "Opens jars like magic."
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Makeup Brush
"Unbelievably dense and soft." Makeup looks flawless, easy to clean.
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Pepper Grinder
Grinds easily, fills easily, adjustable coarseness, sturdy.
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Fountain Pen
A fine-point, cartridge-fed fountain pen, no messy bottle of ink "The Safari does make an awesome starter fountain pen, but it's a starter pen that'll last you your entire life."
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HDMI Cable
Don't spend more money than you need to on an HDMI cable, and get this one. Picture quality "will be absolutely the same" on most cables, "whether the cable costs you $1 or $1,000." A home theater installer says: "I would use them in my own system, and I use them with all of my customers."
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Heavy-Duty Camera Case
"This case will protect your iPod from nearly any conceivable type of harm. It is crush resistant, waterproof, buoyant, and will definately protect your iPod from any and every scratch."
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Grabber Thing
Da de na de na Inspector Gadget! Reviewers used this for everything from securely reaching things in the top cupboard to cleaning up sticks in the yard. Great for people with limited mobility... or anyone who wants a head start in the race towards cyborg domination.
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Gluten-free Pancake Mix
"Best gluten-free pancake mix on the market." So good that everyone in the family prefers them, gluten-eaters or not. You can also make muffins, bread, pizza crust, and other oven-born deliciousness.
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Steak Knives
Very sharp... and still sharp after 10 years. Dishwasher safe.
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Backpack Full of Water
"Holding 3L of water also means you can go the distance. I can also can hold food, energy snacks, spare tubes and my bike tools too."
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Digital Kitchen Scale
Precise, compact, stable, stylish. Hit "On" again to zero after putting bowl/etc on it.
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Vehicular Battery Maintainer/Charger
This is best-suited for charging/maintaining ATV, waverunner, and motorcycle batteries.
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1-Cup Coffee and Espresso Maker
Coffee-lovers rave: "Best cup of coffee I ever had... the design is brilliant."
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Rowing Machine
Possibly the best exercise machine period. Used by pros. Extremely well-built and smooth. Full-body workout builds your strength and endurance and helps lose weight fast. Stays in perfect condition even after rowing millions of meters.
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Word Game
Simpler than Scrabble and fast-paced.. "A family favorite." Very addictive.
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Versatile and sturdy, good locking mechanism, nylon head doesn't scratch pans.
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"Marvel of culinary engineering." Zest in 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes. Never buy pre-grated parmesan again. "There is no greater grater."
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Huge Portable Hammock
"I only use it for one person, but because it's wider than a single nest, after I add a sleeping pad and my sleeping bag and camping pillow, there is plenty of fabric on the sides to protect me from breeze, or just make me feel like a caterpillar."
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Fast, Portable Water Boiler
Camping isn't the same without coffee or oatmeal in the morning and hot cocoa at night. And if you've tried to make it over your campfire, chances are, you caught on fire. The Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking system boils water in two minutes, and works in bad weather. All the parts come off and go inside the cup. "This thing is just amazing and easy to use, even my 10 year old operates it with ease!"
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Electric Salad Slicer
Despite "As seen on TV" status, used almost daily. Beautifully slice vegetables, or shred cheese directly on omelette in pan. Cleans easily.
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Disposable Urinal
"We no longer had to spend our tailgating time standing in line to use the disgusting port-a-potties. We had our stash of Travel Johns in the car and had complete privacy while emptying our bladders."
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Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt
Same price as shirts with only one wolf on them. Makes you irresistable to women.
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Kids Building Toy
"Totally worth the money just to see my three kids sitting there working together to build something." "Easy to use, easy to keep together, easy to knock down. Remarkably good." Teaches about building and geometry. Kids love them and use them every day. Very open-ended. "My daughter constantly amazes me by what she builds."
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Wall-Mounted Spice Rack
Solid and classy, while much cheaper than other racks. Fits well in narrow spaces like cabinet doors.
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Swively Two-Wheeled Skateboard
"Swiveling back and forth is a lot more fun than having to constantly push off with a skateboard. I have had my Ripstik for around six months, and I haven't stopped riding it since!"
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Laptop Stand
Use with external keyboard+mouse and avoid neck strain. Attractive ("Looks like it was designed by Apple"), sturdy, right height. Keeps the laptop cool. Plenty of room underneath for papers and stuff. Perfect fit for Macbook Pro.
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High quality, comfortable, durable, sharp.
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Can Crusher
Fun to use, rock-solid construction. Saves space by crushing cans down to a fraction of the size.
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Power Strip
12 outlets, surge protection, flat wall plug, good design, good price.
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Forehead Flashlight
"It weighs almost nothing and has a great click system for angling the lamp in a certain direction. The red light is awesome for not disturbing others at night. For $30, you can't find a better headlamp."
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Gardening Pruner
"Better than any other brand." Work really, really well for many years without sharpening. "Rolls Royce of Pruners." "Won't use anything else." Used by many professionals.
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Magnetic Knife Holder
No more bulky knife block or guessing the knife by its handle. Holds knives firmly, but can remove them easily. More sturdy, stylish, and higher quality than other magnetic strips.
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Fun Family Card Game
a fun, easy-to-play family game for people who like Gin/Rummy. Enough luck involved to give everyone a chance.
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Book Stand
Best, most flexible book stand in existance -- coming from people who've tried dozens. Great for cookbooks, music books, small soft-cover books, or heavy law textbooks. Sturdy, and the page holders work perfectly.
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Rice Cooker
Makes restaurant-quality rice easily. Works on all types of rice, cooks evenly, timer is convenient, rice doesn't stick, compact.
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Rechargeable Shaver
Better than the top of the line Brauns, Norelcos, or Remingtons, despite lower price. Smooth, close, fast, painless, and quiet. Works on heavy, coarse hair. People even love the self-cleaning feature, though there is also a $20 cheaper mode
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Hi-Tech Adventure Boxer Briefs
These ├╝ber-comfy drawers were designed with adventurous men in mind. They're moisture wicking so you can wash and dry them fast. Treated "Fits well, reduces chafing, wicks sweat, fights odor. You can live on two pairs of these."
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Wine Aerator
All wine tastes significantly better, even in blind taste test. Compact and solidly built.
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Magnetic Measuring Spoons
Magnetic is very convenient -- stick together instead of getting lost or hassling with rings. Two ends on each spoon; many use one end for dry and the other for wet ingredients.
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Portable Gas Grill
Even heat, high quality, plenty hot to sear steak, fits six 1/3 burgers with room. Much more convenient than charcoal.
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Wireless Mouse
Works great for weeks on one AA battery. Tiny wireless USB receiver.
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Pizza Oven Thing
Easily cooks frozen or homemade pizza perfectly evenly, and is faster than oven. Choose between crisp, normal, and light crust. Easy cleanup, very durable.
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Mouse Trap
Other traps don't work, from standard wooden to no-kill to electronic. 4.8 rating proves this one does.
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Digital Bathroom Scale
Extremely accurate (within 0.2 pounds), easy to use, measures instantly, wide platform, large LCD dislpay, low profile (1 inch), 440 pound capacity, sleek design, killer customer service.
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Waterproof iPod Shuffle
Listening to music makes swimming much more enjoyable. Works perfectly after many hours of use.
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iPad Blender
blends everything in a snap. Great smoothies.
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Ice Cube Tray
Ice cubes pop out very easily, unlike other trays. Durable.
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Tiny LED Flashlight
super bright, good balance between spot and fill. Switch has good feel and can cycle between bright, strobe, and low beam. Less than 5 inches long. Rugged and sleek with long battery life.
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Velcro Cable Ties
These Velcro cable ties are "the most convenient, adjustable, reusable, reasonably-priced cable organization solution."
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Silver Necklace
"Looks wonderful and feels comfortable." Sturdy chain and clasp. Exceeded expectations.
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Back Massager
The design gives you great leverage; easily apply a lot of pressure very precisely. "I have used every sort of massage device known to man and this is the last one I will ever have to buy." Perfect for getting the knots out of your back.
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Bouncy Castle
Impressively well-made, including the slide. Safe and big enough for about 3 kids. Kids obviously love it. Great for birthday parties. "The best money I've ever spent on a toy."
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"If they take my stapler, I'll set the building on fire." --Milton Waddams. But seriously, this stapler works great.
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Lots of room (good for textbooks), lots of compartments, sturdy straps. Comes in 35 different colors/patterns.
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